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Domestic violence charges, restraining orders and firearms

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If you are facing domestic violence charges, go over the different ways this case could impact your life. For example, if you own firearms, it is vital to understand how allegations of domestic violence affect you and make sure that you do not find yourself in an especially difficult position due to your failure to comply with the law.

If your ex has obtained a restraining order against you and you are a gun owner, carefully look over your options. Unfortunately, some people lose the ability to own guns and face other repercussions over false domestic violence accusations.

Selling or storing your firearm due to a restraining order

The Judicial Branch of California states that gun owners who have restraining orders taken out against them have a number of options with respect to their firearms, whether they decide to sell their guns or have a licensed dealer store them until the expiration of the restraining order.

Gun owners who cannot continue to possess firearms due to a restraining order can also bring their firearms to law enforcement. However, you need to go straight to law enforcement with your gun and make sure that your firearm is not loaded.

Other considerations regarding firearms and restraining orders

The Judicial Branch of California also reports that some gun owners have to pay law enforcement agencies to hold their firearms throughout the duration of a restraining order. Moreover, if you sell your gun to a dealer or have them store your firearm, you need to make sure they have a license and you must file Form DV-800.