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Should psychedelics be legalized in California?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Arrests for possession or trafficking psychedelics do not get as much media attention as cases allegedly involving methamphetamine, fentanyl or heroin these days. That does not mean that Californians do not get arrested regularly on charges of possessing or trafficking LSD, psychedelic mushrooms and other substances.

Dangerous substances or medicinal aid?

A growing number of experts say that psychedelics should be treated like medication, not illegal drugs. They point to studies that indicate using psychedelics can help treat mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. That is why California State Sen. Scott Wiener has introduced a bill that would legalize several types of psychedelics, including LSD, mushrooms, MDMA, ketamine and mescaline. The bill excludes peyote because it is considered a threatened species.

The active ingredient in these drugs is called psilocybin. Voters in Oregon and the District of Columbia recently passed measures to either decriminalize psilocybin (D.C.) or move a step closer to fully legalizing it (Oregon). Within California, the cities of Oakland and Santa Cruz have passed resolutions decriminalizing certain naturally-occurring psychedelics.

If Wiener’s bill passes, it would mean that those caught with drugs containing psilocybin would not be subject to arrest in California. It would also expunge prior drug possession convictions from people’s criminal records.

Psychedelics are against the law in California

Currently, drugs like LSD, MDMA and mushrooms are illegal in San Diego. Even misdemeanor charges can lead to serious consequences, including jail time and fines. To confront drug charges, you need a strong criminal defense. Working with an attorney can help you understand your rights and how the criminal justice system really works. With proper representation, you have the best chance of reaching the fairest outcome to your case.