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Are Assault Or Battery Charges Threatening Your Future?

At The Law Office of Brandon S. Naidu, we aggressively defend the accused against criminal charges, including assault and battery. If you are facing assault or battery charges, do not let fear and hopelessness take over. Before going to court, call our firm to learn your options. You do not want to take any chances in the courtroom with prosecutors — especially when it comes to violent crimes.

Defining Assault And Battery

Assault and battery are not interchangeable and are actually two separate crimes. If a person is violent toward another person and causes harm, they may be charged with battery. Assault, on the other hand, does not have to result in injury for charges to be filed. The mere fact that a person knew their actions could cause injury is enough to pursue a case.

Simple assault in California is a misdemeanor. You may face a fine or jail time if you are convicted. However, if the assault involved an individual such as a police officer or EMT, penalties can increase. In some cases, prosecutors may file aggravated assault or battery charges, especially if a deadly weapon is involved. Contact our firm directly to discuss the penalties of the charges you are facing as they relate to your individual case.

Challenge California Prosecutors And Call Now

The laws on battery and assault may change. It is important to speak with our attorney as soon as possible to get the most up-to-date information and stay informed. At a case evaluation, he will explain everything there is to know about assault and battery charges and how to fight them. Call 619-736-2743 or send him a personal email using our contact form.