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Facing Drug Charges? Our Team Can Help.

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony drug charge, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is assertive, effective and experienced in the courtroom. At Law Office of Brandon S. Naidu our attorney satisfies all of the criteria necessary to be a successful defender of the accused. From fellow members in the legal community to former clients, his results have not gone unnoticed. For the top legal defense in California, you should call on our firm to be there for you.

What Are Defenses To Drug Charges?

Various defenses can be raised to successfully thwart drug charges and protect your future. In some cases, evidence may be obtained during an illegal search and seizure. Under the Fourth Amendment, police must have reasonable suspicion and probable cause to conduct a search. If the evidence was obtained as the result of an illegal search, it can be inadmissible in the courtroom.

Other defenses include medical exceptions and police abuse of power. If you have been legally prescribed the drug, we can argue that you cannot be found guilty of the crime as it is a medical exception. In some cases, cops have been known to also plant evidence. We will do a thorough investigation to determine which defenses can be raised and gather evidence to prove your case.

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