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Sports car auto accident leads to DUI charges in San Diego

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Firm News |

Allegations of driving under the influence in San Diego and throughout Southern California can have a negative impact on multiple aspects of a person’s life. Not only might there be jail time, fines and a driver’s license suspension, but it can lead to professional problems as well. A critical part of any alleged DUI case is the circumstances of the incident that precipitated the arrest and how law enforcement investigated it. An aggressive defense is essential to combat the charges.

A sports car crashed into several parked vehicles and then hit a house. The accident happened in the evening not long before 9 p.m. A Maserati hit a Mercedes SUV parked in a driveway. The Mercedes was forced into the garage door of the residence. Apparently, the driver of the Maserati lost control of the vehicle. The residents of the home went outside and saw the Maserati on the sidewalk and the damage to their property. The driver stated he was ok. When emergency services were called, the driver was brought to the hospital. Later, he was placed under arrest for DUI. The investigation is continuing.

Many people who are arrested and charged with DUI are unaware of the extent of the penalties they may face. In addition, they are frequently seeking legal help that will tell them what they want to hear and does not emphasize the gravity of the situation if they are convicted. With the possibility of financial consequences, incarceration, an ignition interlock device and more, examining the entire case is imperative.

There are many avenues to forge a defense. The testing procedure to determine the driver’s blood-alcohol concentration is an integral piece of evidence. If the testing was done unfairly or the officer did not follow protocol, the evidence may be inadmissible. There could be a viable reason other than alcohol or drugs that made it seem as if the driver was under the influence. A law firm that has handled many DUI cases and provides personal service can make the difference in a case and achieving a favorable outcome. For people have a lot to lose if they are convicted of DUI/drunk driving, a consultation is key to determining how to move forward with a defense.